Create And Attractive, Functional Work Space With Commercial Stained Concrete In Phoenix

When choosing flooring surfaces for your business, there are countless factors that need to be considered. You want a durable, slip-proof solution for minimizing both workplace accidents and the potential for slip-and-fall-related liability issues. You also want the option you choose to look nice. Stained concrete is aesthetically beautiful, highly customizable and guaranteed to provide a functional surface that people can easily traverse and easily maintain. Do you need commercial stained concrete in Phoenix? When you do, ABS Flooring is the company to call.

We specialize in the provision of cost-effective and reliable products. Our stained floor are incredibly affordable, particularly when addressing large areas such as large retain outlets, hotels, industrial plants, and warehouses. Given that they look good, they can be used in prominent areas in which clients frequently pass through or shop in. Best of all, depending upon the needs of your facility, the functionality and features of your flooring can be streamlined to meet these needs perfectly.

Our floors are sealed with either urethane or epoxy coatings. This is what makes them so durable and easy to keep clean. Unlike carpeting in busy front areas, these products look amazing and will maintain their appeal despite unlimited traffic and lots of tracked in debris. These coatings can be used to give floors a bright, glossy look, or a sophisticated, matte appearance.

Passing over these spaces with a damp mop will instantly restore their original, brand new appearance. Best of all, they do not trap allergens such as dirt, dust, dander or debris. In addition to being better for people who suffer from allergies or chronic respiratory ailments, they can also contribute to a much higher quality of indoor air.

We pride ourselves in being able to meet the unique needs of each and every project. This is due to our extensive work history, our excellent relationships with quality suppliers, and our cutting-edge techniques and skills. Our solutions are sufficiently flexible for accommodating a broad range of needs in many different commercial and industrial environments.

To get started on your new flooring design, you’ll want to know more about the benefits and drawbacks of these cutting-edge and increasingly popular surfacing materials. We will help you learn more about your choices in project materials so that you can make fully informed decisions about the future interior designs for your buildings. This level of dedication is why we’re a top-rated stained concrete contractor in Scottsdale. Call 602-415-1919 for a free quote today!