Information On Concrete Honing In Scottsdale

Concrete honing is a construction process of progressive grinding of a surface of your floor while using diamond tools so that you can achieve a smooth, flat finish. This process will bring out glistening aggregates of sand and also small stones. This mix usually creates a good-looking, feet-friendly as well as durable surface. We at ABS Floor Covering are the trendsetters when it comes to concrete honing in Scottsdale.

We provide quality services that will ensure the outcomes have a stunning style in zones like around the pool, as well as the entertainment area. With this process, we can revive an old, stained aggregate or weather-beaten surface to a new smooth surface. We have the right tools and also plan that will effortlessly make this process stress-free.

This process entails three stages. We first put coarse diamond in a planetary grinder and then we run it over the surface. We do this step for a period to ensure that there is a level of consistency that our clients desire. We then run 60-70 grit on your surface to get rid of scratches. We can also accommodate those clients that wish to have a finer surface by running 100-120 grit on the floor surface subsequently.

After we are done grinding the floor, we go ahead and seal the surface in order to prevent staining as well as the introduction of unwanted dirt. If we are operating where there could be a slip hazard, we ensure that we use sand that is free from slip silica, which is added to a sealer to ensure the floor surface has grip. The process can be done in two ways, wet processing together with dry processing.

Regardless of which option you go for, we have the right tools to make each process effective. This will ensure that the outcome is according to your desires. We pride ourselves on providing customer satisfaction, and our customer care service is always on stand by to answer any queries or issues that our clients may have.

Being in the flooring industry for decades has enabled us to be experienced enough to offer vital advice when it comes to such services. We provide quality services that our clients can enjoy and rave about. Furthermore, we have a list of references that our potential clients can see and have evidence of our work. You will be able to make wise judgments after seeing some of the work we have done before.

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