Benefits Of Commercial Concrete Polishing In Scottsdale

If you own a home or a business, the importance of attractive floors which are easy to clean is undeniable. Are you in need of commercial concrete polishing in Scottsdale? If you want the aesthetically appealing appearance of polished concrete surfaces, we have solutions. ABS Floor Covering has a variety of solutions for luxury high-end commercial floor solutions.

We specialize in the best quality products for your floors. We also provide the installation services to ensure that the flooring is placed correctly. If the floors in your home or business are damaged, or simply worn from traffic or other causes, we offer restoration services to bring your floors to like new condition.

ABS offers a huge range and variety of flooring materials, the right ones for every budget and style. Our inventory includes ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, engineered hardwood, inlaid vinyl, linoleum, laminate, wood-look vinyl, slate, marble, and porcelain tile.

Hard surfaces such as concrete have a number of benefits to home and business owners. The concrete which is polished and sealed is noted for its aesthetically appealing appearance. Concrete is a highly durable material and with minimal care will last a lifetime. The clean-up is also easy and convenient. The surface doesn’t absorb water and minimal effort is required to keep the surface looking pristine.

Our trusted expertise and experienced flooring technicians are trained and knowledgeable about the installation of special floor and counter surfaces. We can provide stained, sealed and polished concrete, epoxy flooring, sports flooring, and others. We will work with our customers to ensure that they are provided with the best flooring solutions for their particular application, whether in a home, business or other location.

From our Phoenix location, we serve residential and commercial clients across the entire American Southwest. We offer turnkey flooring solutions and our people have more than a century of combined experience in the industry. Our licensing and insurance coverage includes Nevada, Texas, and Arizona. You can depend on a very competitive price along with delivery of the highest level of craftsmanship in the entire coatings and flooring industry.

We are ready to serve commercial entities, construction projects, and renovation contractors, as well as housing management agencies, and homeowners throughout Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, El Paso, Las Vegas, and elsewhere. You should choose us because of our superior flooring selection and attention to detail at ABS. This collection of attributes is hard or impossible to accomplish elsewhere. We have a sizable flooring showroom in the city of Phoenix, as well as coatings and surfacing installation services at your site. This makes us the complete flooring solution that is right for your home or business, regardless of project scope, property size or style.

Whether the flooring project is to install a newly polished surface in your office building, or the restoration of hardwood gymnasium floors in a school, we are focused on the completion of a project in a way that will exceed your expectations. We provide commercial concrete staining in Scottsdale. You can call 602-415-1919 for a free quote today!

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