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Owners and managers of commercial organizations, construction and renovation contractors, homeowners throughout many cities including Phoenix, El Paso, Las Vegas, Denver, and Dallas know the importance of quality floor coverings and reliable installation. Are you looking for information about commercial flooring in Scottsdale and the surrounding area? Do you need floor coverings in this part of the State of Arizona? ABS Floor Covering is recognized for the quality of its products, professionalism and reputation.

Our customers rely on the superior floorings selection and attention to detail which is hard to find elsewhere. We have a showroom in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as surfaces and coatings installation services. The solutions are designed to help the businesses or homes when there is a variation in the size of the property, project scope and style.

ABS Floor Covering focuses on commercial floor installation services. Our firm is a one-stop shop for all premium materials as well as installation needs. We provide unmatched selection and exceptional workmanship in an installation at a price point which is very competitive. Because our products range in the price we are able to work with customers with a variety of budget constraints. Aesthetically pleasing and durable floors is a requirement for gaining repeat customers. For any business or commercial establishment, healthy cash flow is important. The longer the floor covering lasts, the more healthy the cash flow is.

We coordinate all our business projects following a careful review of client needs and construction documents. We ensure the best possible outcome for each project before beginning any of the work. Our professional team has a background in the technical aspects of floors so that customers can be certain that the projects will be completed with quality products and reliable installation.

Our portfolio of business projects which we have built up over the years is varied. They have a range of projects from heavy duty commercial work at new build sites to light T and I projects. Our vast selection of flooring materials means that we have the ideal materials for any budget or style. We are also able to provide the type of installation expertise which will keep your floor coverings looking good for many years.

Our projects include military bases, restaurants, community centers, and manufacturing facilities, as well as airports, hotels, schools, office buildings and more. Our technicians have a background in compliance to local construction codes, municipal regulations, and industry standard methods. We want to be your partner for all your business floors needs and you can expect perfection in every detail.

We work with materials which range from porcelain tile, marble, slate, wood-look vinyl, inlaid vinyl, linoleum and more. The professionals sell and install ceramic tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile, granite, engineered hardwood, and laminate. In addition, the well-respected flooring technicians at ABS are well-trained and skilled in the installation of special concrete surfaces. This includes including polished, sealed and stained concrete, epoxy flooring, sports flooring, and more.

If you are looking for detail-oriented commercial flooring companies in Scottsdale? You can call 602-415-1919 for a free quote today!

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