Facts About A Commercial Flooring Contractor In Scottsdale

Whether your commercial enterprise is large or small; whether you have a few patrons daily or hundreds, the condition and appearance of your flooring is a critical element in ensuring that customers enjoy the entire experience of shopping or visiting your establishment. The flooring is important, not only for appearance but for safety. It is likely that you will have to hire a contractor to do the work of installing the floor covering in your business enterprise. Are you looking for a commercial flooring contractor in Scottsdale? If you need commercial flooring contractor services in Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale or Peoria areas, ABS Floor Covering has the most professional and trusted services and products throughout the entire southwest region.

As with nearly every product, flooring for commercial establishments comes in many different styles and grades. ABS Floor Covering is a business which specializes in high-end commercial flooring. Our service area extends throughout the entire region of Scottsdale. Our products are the highest quality in the marketplace and we carry a range of colors, styles and surface types. We also do the floor installation. If your existing floors are salvageable, you may decide that restoration of the floor covering is preferable to replacing. ABS Floor Covering contractors can take care of that project for you, as well.

Our extensive selection in materials consists of products which would be suited for customers in every budget category. The styles and materials in our inventory include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble, granite, and slate, as well as quarry tile. If you prefer a different look, we have engineered hardwood and wood look vinyl. Other materials for your floor choices include inlaid vinyl, laminate, linoleum and more.

The type of materials that are selected is somewhat based on personal preference, but other factors will need to be considered. The type and amount of foot traffic will change the need for durability of the surface. The amount of precipitation and the presence of dirt, mud and other debris plays a role in the wear and tear on the surface.

A product for floors which is gaining popularity is concrete. The experienced ABS Floor Covering technicians are fully experienced and knowledgeable about the installation of a variety of concrete surfaces for different looks and purposes. Some of the projects which make up our portfolio of projects include sealed concrete, polished concrete, and stained concrete. We also can install your epoxy floors in a range of styles and colors, as well as sports floor surfaces. Our technicians stay current with new approaches and materials as they become available.

The selection of the right contractor is perhaps more important than the specific product you choose. A number of different factors should be reviewed before making your final decision. Reputation, professionalism, and experience are three which immediately come to mind.

The ability to come in and complete a floor installation in your facility quickly is also important. When customers can’t enter your business because work is being done on the floors, revenue is lost.

When you are searching for a commercial flooring company in Scottsdale, ABS Floor Covering can help. You can call 602-415-1919 for a free quote today!

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