Tips For Finding Commercial Flooring Contractors In Scottsdale

For appearance, as well as for comfort, the choice of which flooring materials are used in your business is a critical element. Picking the right floor covering will also depend on who installs the material which is chosen for your space. Are you looking for information about commercial flooring contractors in Scottsdale? If you require reliable flooring services in the Scottsdale area, ABS Floor Covering has the most reliable and trusted service in the community and surrounding areas. At ABS, we focus on luxury products which raise the high-end appearance of your structure.

Although we have a business presence in Scottsdale, our service area also includes Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, and Peoria. Our high-quality flooring products, installed with precise attention to details ensure customer satisfaction. We have a vast inventory of flooring materials from which to choose. We can also provide restoration services regardless of the reason for the damage to the floor.

ABS Floor Covering has an inventory of the top materials to fit any budget limits and style preferences. We offer ceramic tile, linoleum, porcelain tile, laminate, quarry tile, inlaid vinyl, marble, wood-look vinyl, granite, engineered hardwood, slate and more. Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in the installation of specialized concrete surfaces. These include sports flooring, stained, sealed and polished concrete and epoxy floors.

When it comes to an aesthetically appealing hardwood floor, more and more businesses and homeowners are electing to go with a hard surface rather than soft surface options. Hardwood choices for gymnasium floors, for example, are not only attractive but are durable. Hardwood is available in a number of different options which range in color, patterns, and durability. We can help our customers make choices which will best fit the needs of the environment.

We offer more than a century of combined industry experience in our team of trusted turnkey floor solution contractors. Our expertise allows us to serve a wide range of residential and commercial clients throughout the Southwestern United States. We are fully insured and licensed to work in Nevada and Texas, as well as throughout Arizona.

Our customers are delivered the highest possible craftsmanship and we are proud to also provide an extremely competitive price in all of our projects. Whether we are restoring school gymnasium floors or installing a new polished concrete surface in your office building, we are focused on exceeding your expectations.

With an expansive and convenient floor covering showroom located in Phoenix, as well as on-site surfacing and coatings installation services, ABS offers the complete floors solution that is right for your business or home, regardless of property size, style, or project scope. Our portfolio includes projects in military bases, hotels, schools, restaurants, community centers, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings. We have a background in local construction code compliance, municipal regulations and industry standard methods.

The right contractor can make all the difference in the durability and customer satisfaction with the commercial floor coverings you choose. When you need to choose a commercial tile contractor in Scottsdale, ABS can help with your decision.
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